A Greek view upon Italy

di Odysseas Palapanidis When I was younger I was influenced a lot from history and my opinion about Italy and italian people wasn’t the best, but this is not representative opinion for all greeks because the most don’t pay attention to history. I knew that Italy is a country in european style with good state organization,nice buildings and kind people.  When I arrived there with … Continua a leggere A Greek view upon Italy

Italy: how looks from Turkey

di Uygur Sanalan  Italy, the home of the Renaissance, a late blooming empire. Although my homeland, Turkey, is too polarised to give one nation-wide view the general look upon Italy is positive, pretty positive in fact. For the conservative and nationilistic east-north Turkey, Italy is a former “Emperial power”(which normally suggests negative things) but, it is the power that, during the Turkish War of Independence, … Continua a leggere Italy: how looks from Turkey

L’impressione da fuori

di Ettore Arcangeli Capita spesso di avere vari punti di vista sulle cose del mondo. Essi possono variare  da persona a persona: a seconda del ceto sociale, del livello d’istruzione, della provenienza geografica e culturale. Una stessa persona può però dare giudizi diversi sulla stessa cosa se in diverse situazioni personali o circostanziali. Premesso questo a volte si è troppo affrettati nei giudizi, credendo di … Continua a leggere L’impressione da fuori